Lets Have A Catch-Up

Ey up love, how’s it going? It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything on here and it honestly feels a little weird to be blogging again. I mean, it hasn’t been that long but I suppose when you’re out of the habitat of doing something it becomes strange when you start it up again.

Since its been a while since I last blogged I thought I’d explain a little bit why and give you a little life update.

For me when I started this blog nine months ago it was an outlet for me to express myself and really get myself doing something when I was in a fairly bad place. However, as time has gone on my content has really started to vary and I questioned what I was doing with my blog. There are a lot of bloggers out there that pin point themselves to only producing certain types of content and I questioned myself to whether that’s what I should be doing, am I approaching this all wrong?

Along with this I then started to really question my actual content and I kept on coming up with so many different ideas but never put pen to paper because I just second guessed myself that it wasn’t good enough.

For me, my blog is unlike any others that I’ve seen in terms that my content is so varied, I mean I’ve never seen the ‘evolution of rhinos’ next to a post about a make up haul and a mental health post all in one blog.

So I’ve started to really think about the content I’ve been producing and what I think I should be producing and what I think others would enjoy also. I’m still questioning that now but I have decided that I would also like to make more personal posts so there’s more of a connection rather than feeling robotic and just spewing facts all of my blog, like I’m not a school teacher!

I love all of things I’ve talked about and I know what content I enjoy reading , so let me know what content you love to read and why you gravitate to certain bloggers.

There are so many different bloggers whose content I love and they produce a lot of content that I admire how they always appear to be so motivated and always seem to have a constant source of inspiration because this is also something that I’ve been having real trouble with.

I don’t know whether it’s because June has just been a real busy and crazy month for me that I’ve struggled to get posts done or whether it’s the fact on those days that have been fairly steady for me I’ve frankly just been a bit lazy and struggled to get the motivation to do much.

Regardless of what my issue is, I want my mojo back! I want to be busy doing things as oppose to sitting around and doing nothing and I think July is going to be month where I won’t have time to sit around!

While June for me has been pretty busy in terms of things such as preparing and performing in a dancing show, there have also been some low points which actually results in my July being pretty busy.

This week I have been made redundant, meaning that as of the 29th July (potentially even earlier) I will be out of a job. Far from what I was hoping for but my manager is giving my all the hours he possibly can to make up for it with him having that ‘fuck the system’ attitude and I can’t blame him frankly.

However, in every situation there is a positive and I suppose for me this means I have a whole month off of work before I start university again in September which leaves me some time to chill, travel and little and see my boyfriend, friends and family a little more.

So, expect to see me whoop my ass into gear and get shit done and you’ll be hearing again from me soon…promise!

Lots of love,



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