Superdrug Haul

I needed a bit of a cosmetic top-up and needed all the basics, i.e. foundation, mascara etc but Superdrug were having a 3 for 2 deal on so who am I to say no to these deals?! So I picked up a few things that were a good price and wanted to try and all of it came to around £50 so I would say that’s a mighty good deal! Superdrug regularly have these sorts of deals on, so its worth checking on their website every now and again to see what bargains you can grab yourself1 I will link all of the products I’ve bought so you can easily grab them if you like the look of them.


Superdrug Coconut Oil 500ml

I always hear such great things about how good coconut oil is for your hair so this big ass tub was on offer at £5.99 from £8.99 so I thought I’d give it ago and see if it does make a difference.

Buy product here:


Colorista Washout Lilac Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Now, I’ve wanted ton dye my hair a different more ‘outrageous’ colour for years but rather haven’t dared to or I couldn’t (e.g. I was at school so wasn’t allowed to). So, when I mentioned this the other week to my boyfriend he called me out and said that I wouldn’t have the balls to do so, so here I am and hopefully later on this coming week I’ll have some funky punky hair!

Buy product here:


Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara Very Black

I’ve tried and loved the ordinary lash sensational and as I went to put it into my basket I saw that they had a few variations of the lash sensaional, this one being the luscious version. It says that it contains an oil-infused formula for a softer, denser multiplying lash effect, so I thought I would try it and see if there is actually much of a difference between the two.

Buy product here:


Zoella Let’s Go Places

Like a lot of people I am a Zoella fan so naturally I do want to try the products that she releases and when she brought out her Christmas range I wanted to try it all and love it. Unfortunately, I thought a few of the items were on the pricey side for what they were/ what they contained. So, when I went to actually buy some things from her lifestyle range I saw this and saw the price and was gobsmacked! I think before this was something like £25 (I could be so wrong here) so when I saw that it was only now £6.99 I was sold!

Buy product here:


Elegant Touch Nude Collection – Mink

A lot of people complain about how terrible their nails are but boohoo them but whenever someone see’s my nails they are in utter disbelief by how bad they are and they genuinely cringe so hard. So, having bad nails and working with food it means that I can’t really wear anything on my nails to help them grow. So, when I have a week or so off of work or a special occasion false nails are a go-to and I love elegant touch false nails and these one’s just seemed like a perfect nude, the type that just goes with everything, so I now have a quick nail fix again.

Buy product here:—Mink/p/728873?singleResultSearchPage=true


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Everyone knows and loves real techniques and there make-up sponges so it was time for me to re-invest in one of these bad ones since I got rid of my old one because it went a bit rank and then I just never got round to buying one again…simple as really.

Buy product here:


I Heart Chocolate Light and Glow

Like most people I’m a real sucker for high lighter, once I get going I struggle to stop, its just so darn pretty! Even better the packaging is in the shape of a chocolate (aka the best thing in the world) and the inside dripping design is very similar to that of Kylie cosmetics, so I’m thinking that they’ve tried to create a dupe for some of her products here. I’m hoping that the highlighter won’t be too white and look a bit more natural.

Buy product here:


Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder

I was in need of a new powder and I’ve heard either amazing things about Bourjois’s healthy balance or terrible things, saying that they were not products for people with oily or combination skin. Having oily skin I have therefore been hesitant to try this range, so, I thought I’d give the powder a try to start myself off with. I find the texture of the powder really hard to describe, its not like your typical pressed powder as its a bit more creamy but not actually, if that makes any sense! You have to try it to see what I mean, its a bit different to what I’ve ever seen before in terms of texture but I’ll see if it does the job first!

Buy product here:


L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

You all know I love this foundation now and its been a part of my daily make-up routine for months now and I love it! You can read about how much I loved it here;

Buy product here:


Tanya Burr Lipstick Pink Cocoa

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this lipstick since it released but whenever I went to order it, it was out of stock and my local superdrug never seem to have it either. So, when I saw that it was in stock I grabbed it before it went again! The colour reminds me of another lipstick I have but I’ll see how long it wears but thus far, I love it, especially the packaging!

Buy product here:


MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

I’ve never really tried any MUA products, plainly because they’re so cheap that  its hard for me to believe that the product can actually be any good at that price but I saw these lip lacquers and thought why not give them ago, they were beautiful colours and I’m not exactly breaking the bank. When I swatched these, I accidentally gave them a bit of an endurance test as when I went to wipe them off, it was really hard to do so, the only way I could do it was by scratching it off with my nails, so hopefully with be very long-lasting!

Buy product here:  Tranquility-—Tranquility/p/573313



‘With great brows comes great responsibility’ tote

I didn’t actually buy this tote it was given for free when you bought something or other, I can’t remember exactly what the deal was but it was a good one! No one can complain with a free tote to put in their handbag, beats buying a plastic one!


Hopefully you liked this post and it gives you some inspiration to try out some new products that you wouldn’t have chosen before!




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